Gypsy Pistoleros Announce New Front Man

Fla­menco Rock ‘n Rollers GYPSY PISTOLEROS are delighted to unveil details of their new singer and front­man — so it gives us great pleas­ure to wel­come the one and only… <drum­roll>  DANI PISTOLERO to the HMR fam­ily! (Dani is second from the right in the accom­pa­ny­ing photo.)

The band have released the fol­low­ing state­ment regard­ing their new frontman:

The band are 100% on this guy. He’s young, bright, looks great, he’s got a fant­astic voice, plays gui­tar and keys, he’s really hard work­ing and com­mit­ted, and he’s full of great ideas. A really valu­able addi­tion to the Gypsy Pis­tol­eros. We’re so excited and look­ing for­ward to start­ing the live shows and have already star­ted work on new mater­ial for the next album.

A singer since he was a “messy baby“, Stoke nat­ive Dani Pis­tolero star­ted learn­ing gui­tar aged 15 and was heav­ily influ­enced by a vast array of artists from all parts of the rock spec­trum includ­ing The Ramones, Metal­lica and Iron Maiden. In addi­tion to vox and gui­tars, Dani also added  Key­boards and Piano to his list of instru­ments whilst a  mem­ber of the Pro­gress­ive Metal band Scorched Earth – cit­ing Dream Theater as a key influence.

Dani brings a wealth of  musical exper­i­ence to the band, hav­ing formerly been in numer­ous Rock and Metal bands includ­ing Stolen Cre­ation, Scorched Earth, L.U.S.T. and Whis­key Whores. He even came into close con­tact with Kenny K. Doll who actu­ally audi­tioned for the roll of Bass Player in L.U.S.T. prior to join­ing the Gypsy Pis­tol­eros (it’s a small world!).

On join­ing the Gypsy Pis­tol­eros, and on his future with the band, Dani says:

After 3 full weeks of sweat endur­ing audi­tion­ing at Pis­tolero HQ, I was offered the chance to front what I con­sider to be one of the best Sleaze Rock Bands around. Just being in a room with Iggie, Jeff and Kenny proves to me that all this effort – all the blood sweat and beers – was all worth it. This out­fit fuck­ing ROCKS! I have truly enjoyed every last second of work­ing with the guys so far and I can’t wait for the months to come. It’s all guns blaz­ing from hereon in!
Here at HMR we can­not wait to hear what Dani Pis­tolero will bring to the table with his evid­ent musical talents! Sources close to the Gypsy Pis­tol­eros have been “blown away” by Dani’s addi­tion to the band – make sure you catch the Pis­tol­eros on their upcom­ing UK tour dates this year. Con­firmed dates are shown on the poster below and addi­tional dates are in the pipeline so stay tuned!

The Pis­tol­eros recently released their debut Heavy Metal Records album back in April, titled ‘FOREVER, WILD, BEAUTIFUL AND DAMNED! THE GREATEST HITS VOLUME, 1’ which includes numer­ous Pis­tolero fan-favourites and one awe­some “glammed out” cover of Ricky Martin’s ‘Livin La Vida Loca’. Fans can down­load the album from the Heavy Metal Records Digital Store or pur­chase a phys­ical copy online (, Amazon, HMV etc…) or from the online store of our sis­ter com­pany Revolver World.

Photography by ML Imagery

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