Paul Marshall aka Lone Wolf has been locked away for over a year in a converted barn on the East Coast with James Kenosha and Jon Fougler, putting the finishing touches to his new album The Lovers. Today he announces a Pledge music campaign to help release and tour the record he has spent creating over the last year. Paul set out to create music that couldn’t be categorised, pulling his powerful vocal narratives front and centre with the rest of the canvas painted at his free will.

“Having the means to have a fan-funded direct to market approach is something I believe will do The Lovers justice and having fans engage in the project is something that will be mutually beneficial. The pledge campaign will include some unique incentives including Piano lessons, hand written lyric books, Skype gigs and house performances”.

Along with the pledge Paul has announced the first single. The Swan of Meander is the first fruits of The Lovers and a natural choice of single. It’s a powerful percussive song that features his good friend Blue Roses on backing vocals. It’s a perfect song to bridge the first album, The Devil and I with the new.

Lone Wolf began life in 2009 in various dusty rooms and tape studios around Sweden where Paul Marshall (aka Lone Wolf) pulled his songs and ideas slowly together with the assistance of Kristofer Jonson from Jeniferever. After a month of various field recordings, sneaking into concert halls late at night to use the piano, setting up their gear in small village churches, and other places they could find, the basic album tracks were done. The resulting album, The Devil And I, Lone Wolf’s debut, was released on Bella Union in mid-2010 to welcome arms. A new singer-songwriter to behold was born that day.

Pledge Campaign starts today (14th May)

Swan of Meander will be out 25th June. 

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