Anthrax Against Bullying

Charlie Benante and Frank Bello of Anthrax have recorded a public service announcement for Musicians Opposed to Bullying. Bassist Bello says: “The people that are bullying you — girls, guys, whoever it may be — they’re feeling so badly about themselves, they have to take it on somebody else; that’s how they get it out. You have to understand that and be smarter and be somebody above them. And don’t be afraid to tell. I was close to my principal in school. When I was getting bullied, I talked to him, and he acted as a confidant. And he told me what to do; it was very secretive. You can do it all in secret. Don’t feel like there is no way out; there is a way out. And it’s not suicide. It’s absolutely not suicide. There’s a long life ahead of you.”


-Classic rock

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