All Shall Perish Oppose Legal Action Against Their Fans

Even though the band and their management oppose it, a lawsuit against 80 illegal downloaders of All Shall Perish’s 2011 album ‘This Is Where It Ends’ will proceed. World Digital Rights, a Panamanian company that owns the licensing rights to All Shall Perish’s music, is seeking $150,000 in punitive damages from each downloader. The suit was filed in federal court in Florida on April 20.

All Shall Perish’s manager Ryan Downey spoke with TorrentFreak about the situation. “The band, their attorney and myself have and will continue to take any steps to protect their fans, yes, even those who file trade. The band would prefer that their fans legally purchase, stream or otherwise enjoy their music. But they definitely have not, will not and do not wish to sue their fans.”

Even so, TorrentFreak reports that World Digital Rights is proceeding with the lawsuit, and was granted permission from a judge this month to identify from their Internet providers the 80 alleged illegal downloaders.

All Shall Perish are preparing for a European tour in June that will find them playing several festivals including Hellfest, Graspop and Extreme Fest.

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