Atlanta-based alt-metal outfit Sevendust have been on a bit of a hiatus this year with band members busy with two fresh side projects, Call Me No One and Projected. Fans of the band have been more than a bit worried about the possibility of a permanent Sevendust split, but thankfully guitarist Clint Lowery has confirmed that a new Sevendust album is on the way.

When a fan asked Lowery via Twitter, “Any ETA on a new 7D album?” Lowery Tweeted the details: “Record it early fall- release it 2013- after the world blows up of course.”

So, assuming that the apocalypse doesn’t slap the world before year’s end, a new Sevendust disc should be out in 2013. The album will be the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Cold Day Memory,’ which was the band’s first new album with Lowery back in the pack after he left the band in 2003.

In other Sevendust news, drummer Morgan Rose has just signed on to produce Candlelight Red’s upcoming EP. “We are beyond pumped to have Morgan worked with us!” Candlelight Red guitarist Jeremy Edge said. “He is not only one of the world’s most phenomenal rock drummers.”

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