Five Finger Death Punch Vocalist Aims To Make Concerts A ‘Life Changing Event’

Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody explains how the band aims to alter the lives of their fans each night and discusses the extra love love shown for the band in the Midwest.

Five Finger Death Punch are one of the heaviest hitting bands you’ll hear on rock radio stations all across America. Though they have nationwide success, Ivan Moody recently revealed that there is one area where the band’s following is extra rabid. “When you hit the Midwest…it’s just some passion — I don’t know if it’s in the water or what it is — but it’s just embedded in these kids,” Moody told Matt Bahan of 105.7 The X.”They show up and give you 110% and, in return, we give that back to them.”

Moody also revealed that when it comes to the impact of their live show, there are certain bands that they look to for inspiration. “Metallica, Rammstein, Tool — those aren’t bands, those are events. You check out Rammstein and it changes your life. We want to be one of those bands,” exclaimed Moody. “It’s overwhelming at times, but at the same token, it’s a responsibility we’ve taken upon ourselves we want to be one of those artists.”

5FDP most recently brought their intense live show to droves of sun-scorched fans at Columbus, Ohio’s Rock on the Range. In our exclusive interview with guitarist Zoltan Bathory at the festival, he revealed that the band will enter the studio to record their fourth album after the upcoming Trespass America tour.

Visit 105.7 The X’s website for the full video interview with Ivan Moody.

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