Marilyn Manson in ‘Wrong Cops’ Movie Roll

Marilyn Manson continues to dabble with movie roles on top of his music career. His latest acting project is for a short film called ‘Wrong Cops’ in which he plays a music-loving kid who crosses paths with an unstable off-duty police officer. 

Manson recently stated that it was a fun experience playing a “street hustler” with braces on his teeth. In the film itself, Manson crosses paths with the weed-dealing police officer, played by Mark Burnham, at a very inopportune moment. As the officer begins to interrogate him, the subject of music comes up and Manson’s character is essentially kidnapped by the rogue cop and forced to listen to something “cool.”

That something “cool” is a techno style vinyl that the officer has back at his home, and luckily for Manson the cop’s mother provides enough of a distraction for him to flee, but it’s not known if he’s completely safe as the first short ends with the disclaimer “To be continued…”

The short was directed by Quentin Dupieux with the music provided by Mr. Oizo. It is not known when the second installment of the film will arrive. Manson’s other movie credits include roles in ‘Lost Highway,’ ‘Party Monster’ and ‘Jawbreaker,’ and he recently revealed that he had been working on other projects with Johnny Depp and filmmaker Eli Roth.

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