We’re not sure if Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears had this in mind last fall when he expressed his desire to work with Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, but regardless, it’s pretty awesome.

The hard-rocking Homme serves as pitchman for the Scissor Sisters in a new infomercial touting the band’s ‘Magic Hour’ album. In the clip, Homme (intentionally) stumbles through the piece doing his best to sell the disc, but a few of the line readings didn’t get the proper edit.

He hilariously introduces himself, explaining, “You may un-member me from last night or Queens of the Stone Age.” As Homme’s grungy tattooed fingers lovingly stroke the new CD, he explains, “It’s dedicated to get you on the dance floor and keep you on the dance floor … forever.”

Though it’s a modern-day promo, the background footage looks to consist of old ‘Solid Gold’ footage and other dance show knockoffs from an era gone-by. “They have an irresistible groove, catchy melodies, and a fantastically outlandish….lyricscapes!,” stumbles Homme while trying to describe the group, and he later adds that Scissor Sisters are “one of the most celebrated artists of our time-slash-generation-period.”

The disc features such memorable future favorites as ‘Keep Your Shoes On,’ ‘Inevitable,’ ‘Let’s Have a Kiki,’ ‘Somewhere,’ ‘Baby Come Home,’ ‘San Luis Obispo,’ ‘Shady Love,’ and ‘Year of Living Dangerously.’ Homme asks how much you would pay for this Scissor Sisters set. “200 ducks? No,” he reveals. “You’ll be happy to know that ‘Magic Hour’ can be yours for three-and-a-half payments of 19.99 point 9.” He concludes the promo with a declaration (or a warning, we’re not sure), “Scissor Sitters and I will see you on the dance floor.”

The “infomercial” isn’t the first time the flamboyant Scissor Sisters have tangled with the world of hard rock, as the faux news piece in which Dave Grohl sued the band for witnessing Shears’ privates at a show became a viral hit in 2010. The actual Scissor Sisters ‘Magic Hour’ album will arrive in stores on May 29.

Watch Scissor Sisters’ ‘Magic Hour’ Infomercial Featuring Josh Homme


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