Sixx drug story branded ‘fraud’

LA Guns frontman Phil Lewis has blasted Nikki Sixx’s bestseller The Heroin Diaries as a “fraud” – two years after former Motley Crue singer John Corabi made a similar suggestion about his ex-bandmate’s book.

Lewis’ outburst came in a forum tirade in which he slammed Crue’s touring partners Def Leppard, accusing them of not working hard enough on stage.

On the boards the singer said: “I don’t like arena rock. Motley Crue, with exploding drum kits and midgets, bore me to death. Poison is an embarrassment. Def Leppard going through the motions and mailing it in every night is pathetic.”

After Sixx responded by calling Lewis a “sad li’l pumpkin” on Twitter, the Gunsman turned his anger on the bassist’s 2007 book. Subtitled A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star, it documents the bassist’s experiences in the band, in his love life and with his drug issues, leading up to his heroin overdose in 1987.

Lewis stated: “I say Nikki Sixx and his Heroin Diaries are a total fraud.

“Anyone that was ever addicted to smack or any opiates know not to glorify addiction. It’s incredibly irresponsible. It’s total crap as well – Nikki may have dabbled a little, but him and most of the dinosaur rock stars of that era were doing blow or cocaine.

“There was very little heroin in LA in the 80s compared to London. Sixx was a teenage millionaire with a very thin grasp on reality.”

He adds that he should know, because he did a large amount of drugs in both England and the States, saying: “I don’t glorify it or complain I was sucked in because of an unhappy childhood.”

In 2010 Corabi, who fronted Crue between 1992 and 1997, said: “I love Nikki to death. This is just my opinion: I find it really hard to believe that somebody can do heroin then have the foresight to write everything down.”


-Classic Rock Magazine

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