Def Leppard to Re-release Two Songs on the Back of Rock of Ages

With ‘Rock of Ages’ set to open in cinemas everywhere on June 15, Def Leppard has recorded new versions of the two songs by the band featured in the film, ‘Rock of Ages’ and ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me,’ which they will release on iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers on June 4.

It does prompt the question of why the band would do this when the originals, with their “Mutt” Lange production, are as close to perfect as anything recorded in the 1980s. Plus a few weeks ago, Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen said about Tom Cruise’s performance of ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me,’ “[H]e really pulls it off, and it was like he’s a total rock star”. The news of these re-recordings coming on the back of the “Rock of Ages” movie is even more bizarre when you consider that Def Leppard refused permission for any of their songs to be used in the original, award winning musical version on which the film is based.

However it’s actually a very shrewd move by the band. People are going to want to own copies of the songs after seeing the movie. When they go to iTunes, they’ll have the choice of buying either the soundtrack or Def Leppard’s, which they would naturally want to choose. And by releasing it themselves, the new recordings allow them to keep a greater percentage of the profits than the ‘Pyromania’ and ‘Hysteria’ versions.

Def Leppard and Poison will be undertaking the “Rock of Ages” tour in the USA beginning June 20 until September 15.

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