Foreigner keyboardist Bluestein has cancer

Foreigner keyboardist Michael Bluestein has been forced to bow out of the band’s upcoming US tour after being diagnosed with colon cancer.

He’ll take an indefinite break while he undergoes 28 radiotherapy sessions – but reports his illness was discovered early enough to be successfully treated.

It follows Foreigner mainman Mick Jones’ heart surgery in February.

Bluestein says: “I recently went to the hospital following some symptoms and it was discovered I have colorectal cancer. This has required me to take a leave of absence from the band for a significant period.

“The good news is that I caught this early enough so that through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, I will be able to treat this and return to normal life after it’s over. And of course, normal life for me includes rocking with Foreigner.”

He reports the first stage of addressing the illness has been to stop eating meat and dairy products and stop drinking alcohol and coffee. “It’s all about keeping the body in an ‘alkaline state’,” he says. “Kale, celery, tomatoes, spinach, avocados and wheat grass are going to become good friends of mine in the coming months.”

Bluestein adds his new diet has left him feeling great, although that may change as he begins taking chemotherapy pills. He explains: “Reading online testimonials about side effects makes me think it’s all a game of chance. Some have a horrible time of it, and some sail through like chemical superstars. Obviously I’m hoping to be in the latter category.”

He joined Foreigner in 2008 after stints with Bozz Scaggs, Roger Hodgson, Burt Bacharach and Stevie Nicks.

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