Seattle duo Joel Schneider and Ethan Jacobsen who make up the rocking band My Goodness have released a behind the scenes documentary on exactly how their fantastic video for their debut UK single C’Mon Doll was made. The band have just completed a sold out tour with band mates We Are Augustines across the UK and picked up a lot of friends along the way with their explosive live set.

Scheduled for release on Monday 28th May, the galvanized ‘C’Mon Doll’, perfectly exemplifies MG’s hyper boogie and is a track that could leave tyre tracks across your back. It’s not all amplified blues-rock bluster either. Within b-side ‘Lost In The Soul’ My Goodness reveal a sensitive streak that’s not afraid to show its delicate melodies and down-home guitar picking.

Making the video was a very relaxed and fun process. You could credit that to the vision of their good friend and director Jon Meyer who also filmed and edited the full feature. Guitarist/vocalist Joel Schneider recounts the shoot:

“Once the day for the band shots rolled around, the majority of the rest of the video had already been shot. We were extremely excited since we had seen the rough footage ahead of time and it looked incredible. We rolled into the tiny town of Scappoose, Oregon not really knowing what to expect as far as the set went. We knew it was a barn that had been built in 1914 but that was all. We were blown away. The barn was about five times as large as we had envisioned. 20-30 foot vaulted ceilings soared above us and one side of the barn was open faced letting the sun shine in. It was all by itself in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by large fields of green grass with the occasional grazing cow. A pig pen, a few classic rusted out trucks, and an old school bus accompanied the barn along with a small housing area for the farms caretaker. We got some amazing photos. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.”

“Jon had us search out some 1920’s-1930’s attire ahead of time to fit the theme of the video. He had a plan for the day already mapped out so we basically just got into costume, set up and followed his direction. I could try and explain the some of the ideas he had as far as camera effects and angles go, but I think I’d better leave that to him. Of course we threw back a few beers in the process and had a good time. It was really a painless process since it was so well organized. “

“Mid shoot, my amp got an unfortunate little shower from a couple owls who had been watching us from the barns rafters. I’m sure they were just upset about us keeping them awake. Surprisingly they stuck it out and didn’t move the entire day. I had to clean owl vomit off my fender, which was not fun, but I was glad it didn’t land on me. After the incident I think we decided to make it a snack/beer break. The owls had spoken.”

Debut single ‘C’Mon Doll’ and b-side track ‘Lost in the Soul’ was recorded in Red Room Studios, Seattle with producer Chris Common from These Arms Are Snakes who also recorded their debut album scheduled for release in the UK later this year. Enjoy this b-roll video and look out for the free download available on Monday 28th May.

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