Biker shot at charity rock show

A charity rock show in Spanaway, Washington, US, erupted with gunfire last night as tensions between rival biker gangs spiralled out of control.

The Northwest Metal Fest was being held by the Bandidos fraternity to raise funds for cancer support, featuring the first headline appearance of thrash metal band Mace in 23 years.

But violence ensued when members of the Ghostriders gang arrived in an SUV at Uncle Sam’s American Bar & Grill wearing their colours.

Local news outlet Q13Fox reports: “A small group of Ghostriders showed up. One of the members tried to enter the bar while wearing his jacket. The Bandidos asked him to remove it so as not to disrespect their club. When he refused a group of Bandidos surrounded him.

“The Ghostriders member felt threatens and reportedly pulled a gun and shot a Bandidos member in the arm. He was then tackled by a friend of the victim, disarmed and held for police.”

Eyewitness Brent Sanchez tell “A few of us took action to prevent him from hurting anybody else.”

Officers are continuing to investigate full details of the incident, and say the gunshot victim was taken to hospital to receive medical attention. His condition is described as “satisfactory” and and medical experts predict a full recovery.

Police are continuing to investigate circumstances surrounding the event and say they’re looking for a second Ghostriders member, a blind man in his 70s who’s thought to have gone missing along with his guide dog.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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