Slash Says He’d Make Sure Sons Were ‘Passionate & Committed’ Before Pursuing A Career In Music

In a recent video chat with, Slash spoke about a variety of topics that are familiar to his longtime legion of fans, like his top hat and his relationship (or lack thereof) with Axl Rose. He also spoke about his two sons, and how he’d react and advise them if they chose to follow him into music as a career.

Both of the guitarist’s sons (London, 9, and Cash, 7) were born while he was smack dab in the middle of his musical career, so dad leaving for tour is admittedly a normal part of life as they know it. When asked if he would support their decision to become musicians, Slash said, “I would be looking carefully to see where the passion is and to see if they are ready for this, since it’s an insane commitment and takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication,” acknowledging that “on the surface, rock and roll doesn’t look like that.” It’s not all sex and drugs, that’s for sure.

The guitar deity also spoke about how he is not excessively drinking like he was when his career began, he still tries to “hone my skills.” So he’s definitely leading by example, if his boys wanted to be rockers!

His only statement about his former frontman was a terse “We don’t communicate.” And they haven’t, since 1996.

He also shared that he has had a few of his signature top hats ganked over the years. One was returned to him when the thief was “dumb enough to try and sell it on eBay.” He had another jacked when he was passed out in a bar. That topper, sadly, was never returned to its rightful owner.

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