Johnson sets terms for new AC/DC album

Brian Johnson says AC/DC’s songwriting mainstays will meet in a fortnight to look at the band’s next album – but they’ll only get to work if the entire band are at full fitness.

The singer believes it’s part of their working-class work ethic, and if any one of them isn’t able to fulfil their duties the project won’t succeed.

AC/DC have taken time off following their two-year Black Ice world tour but recently their thoughts have returned to making new music. Classic Rock recently revealed how mainman Malcolm Young believed it would happen – but it would take longer than Johnson thinks it will.

For his part, Johnson tells 107.7 The Bone: “I’ll be getting together with Malcolm in a couple of weeks, then we’re going to London to meet up with Angus, hopefully.

“That’s usually how we’ll start. We’re just a bunch of pals from the projects still. Even though we’ve done well, we still have the same roots that we stick by that we did when we had nothing.

“That’s the work ethic: it has to be right for the boys to do anything. We’re sitting down and saying, ‘Can we do this? We’re not going to be a pale shadow of our former selves?’

“We’ll talk about it and make sure we’ve all got it. We’re five pieces of a card – if one of us is not really there, the whole thing would just collapse, I think.”

If they do release a 17th studio album, Johnson’s not convinced it’ll be backed by a tour the size of their last one. “That was just nuts,” he says. “It took about three weeks to get over it. But it was so much fun, though. For guys our age, to tour the world to sellout audiences everywhere, it gives you a good feeling.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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