Megadeth halt show in rock attack

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine was forced to cut a festival set short in Croatia after being struck on the head with a stone thrown by angry rock fans.

The band were playing at Metalfest 2012 but had to endure catcalls and chants of “We want WASP” after it was rumoured Blackie Lawless had refused to perform following an argument with Mustaine.

Those rumours were not confirmed – but fans took matters into their own hands by bombarding Megadeth with whatever they could find.

Matters came to a head about 40 minutes into the thrash giants’ set. Bassist David Ellefson and guitarist Chris Broderick left the stage while Mustaine made a difficult-to-hear statement to the crowd and followed them off. Drummer Shawn Drover appeared not to have been told what was going on – he seemed to begin the next song on the band’s set before grinding to a halt and disappearing.

After around four minutes of booing and chanting, an event spokesman appeared on stage and said: “Guys, Dave’s been hit in the head with a rock.” He was drowned out with calls for WASP before adding: “I apologise. He’s been hit in the head.” He endured his own barrage of missiles before leaving the stage.

The Gauntlet reports an eyewitness saying: “When Dave Mustaine came out with Megadeth there was a group of possibly drunk and rowdy fans near the front. They kept throwing beer on stage towards Mustaine but security put a stop to it. Then of a sudden a rock came from their general direction and hit dave in the head. There was some talk about Megadeth being the reason WASP didn’t perform earlier in the night.”


-Classic Rock Magazine

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