Model arrested for $200k Axl Rose jewellery theft

An unidentified model has been arrested in France following the theft of three necklaces worth $200,000 from Guns n’Roses singer Axl Rose.

The event unfolded during a private party after GnR played in Paris on Tuesday night. Rose and some of his bandmates were performing for 130 invited guests when the woman took the jewellery. He was not wearing the items at the time.

She voluntarily reported to police yesterday morning, admitting she’d had too much to drink but saying she wasn’t sure how the necklaces wound up in her possession.

The gold and diamond pieces went missing after GnR performed at the Bercy Stadium as part of their European tour. Rose was said to be “furious”.

Later he tweeted: “Got my things back (really just an excited fan). Thank you to the person for returning them n’ big thanks 2 the Paris police.”

The band had played a 33-song set at the 16,000-capacity stadium, which one reviewer says was two-thirds full. The singer was seen in the venue around 4.30pm but GnR, as usual, appeared later than scheduled at 10.30pm.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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