Sheryl Crow not worried about tumour

Sheryl Crow has a brain tumour – but she’s not letting it worry her.

The growth was discovered when she asked for health checks after experiencing memory problems. But since doctors found it was benign, she’s not concerned about it.

Crow tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “I worried about my memory so much that I went and got an MRI scan, and I found out I have a brain tumour.

“I was like, ‘See? I knew there was something wrong.’”

But now she knows what the problem is, she’s far more relaxed about forgetting lyrics during shows, as she did last year in St Petersburg, Florida. She said: “I’m 50 – what can I say?”

Crow, a mother of two, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, and successfully fought off the disease.

A spokesman for the singer-songwriter said benign brain tumours are a relatively common occurrence. The condition, known as meningioma, usually causes no symptoms and requires no treatment. The chances of developing one increase with age and with exposure to radiation.


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