Spoof tweeter stabs at Black Sabbath

It’s not easy being pioneers of heavy metal four decades after you first got together. Just ask Black Sabbath.

In recent months their anticipated reunion with Ozzy Osbourne has been blotted with the breakdown of relations between the band and original drummer Bill Ward.

First he said he hadn’t been offered a “signable” contract. Then he revealed his colleagues had stopped talking to him – even while they said the “door was open” for his return. Later they removed his image from their website, only for Ward to explain it was at his request. Then last week they admitted they’d never discussed things with the sticksman, preferring to leave it to lawyers, and they didn’t even know what had upset him.

Amid all the drama guitarist Tony Iommi insisted: “”We’ve had our ups and downs over the years, feuds, this, that and the other. It all sorts out and the friendship never goes away, whatever’s going on. This band is strange like that.”

Bassist Geezer Butler wasn’t the first to call it a “soap opera”. But one Sabbath fan has taken it a step further with a Twitter account called “Sabbath Soap Opera” – and the username @Back_Stabbath.







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