Coheed Bassist’s Bomb-Scare Drugs Heist Gets Him Home Confinement

Sacked Coheed And Cambria bassist Michael Todd has been sentenced to a year’s home confinement plus three years’ probation for staging a bomb-scare drugs heist while on tour with the band.

Last August he was dismissed by the prog metal band following an incident in Massachusetts the previous month. He’d gone into a drugstore and shown staff a message on his phone which said he had a bomb. He threatened to detonate it if they didn’t do as they were told, and soon left the premises with six bottles of prescription drugs.

Police followed his taxi to the Comcast Center in Mansfield, where Coheed And Cambria were about to play in support of Soundgarden. He was arrested moments before the band were to hit the stage. They played without him and later announced they’d sacked him.

Todd, 31, will serve twelve months of home confinement with GPS monitoring. Judge Renee Dupuis added three years of probation to the sentence and ordered him to stay away from the drugstore he’d robbed.

Speaking after Fall River Superior Court handed down the sentence, his lawyer, Jason Benzaker said: “He has been in very intensive drug treatment in order to overcome his addition, without being required to do so.

“He’s an extremely talented musician. This whole incident has been tragic for his career.”

Benzaker refused to discuss reports that Todd was suffering from cancer. In April the bassist said: “The results are in. I have cancer people. Getting surgery on Friday and then find out if I need further radiation. It’s a little scary. It seems my fight is not over yet by a long shot.”

In 2006 he’d left Coheed And Cambria for a year in an attempt to deal with his heroin addiction.

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