Opeths Mikael Akerfeldt Colaborates With Former Genesis Guitarist

Although the fine details remain at large, Opeth has announced that their frontman Mikael Akerfeldt has teamed up with guitarist Steve Hackett, formerly of the band Genesis for a very unlikely pairing.

In a statement released by Opeth, “Mikael has recorded some vocals in collaboration with legendary Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. Mikael is featured on a re-recording of the classic mega-epos ‘Supper’s Ready’ from 1972′s ‘Foxtrot’ album.”

Given Akerfeldt’s unique vocal styling, it should be an interesting collaboration. No word yet on when Hackett’s disc is due out but the band promises to issue an update on their website as soon as that information becomes available.

Akerfeldt has also recorded 8 additional shows for the Swedish national radio series ‘De Bortglömda Mästerverken’ which translates to ‘The Forgotten Masterpieces.’ The series features Akerfeldt “playing mostly obscure progressive and psychedelic rock.” The show is also available online here.

In addition to Opeth, Akerfeldt has a new project with Porcupine frontman Steven Wilson called Storm Corrosion.


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