Runaways settle their differences

Lita Ford has settled her differences with former Runaways Joan Jett and Cherie Currie – but that’s no guarantee the band will reunite.

She buried the hatchet after dinner dates with each ex-bandmate, putting to an end years of feuding and legal action.

Ford recently experience a lifestyle turnaround after ending a marriage she described as “like Ike and Tina Turner.” She’s put it behind her by working on new album Living Like a Runaway, which she hopes will help dull the memories of 2009 release Wicked Wonderland, made in partnership with ex-husband Jim Gillette.

Now she reveals she’s gone further and made things right with singer-guitarist Jett and keyboardist Currie.

Ford tells Rolling Stone: “I hadn’t talked to Joan in so long – 1980 was the last time, when the Runaways broke up.

“I asked my manager Bobby Colin if he’d put in a call to Kenny Laguna, Joan’s manager, and try to arrange a dinner for us. He arranged a dinner in New York City.

“I took Rudy Sarzo with me – as a friend only – and Joan took Kenny with her. We had a nice dinner. It was real friendly, like seeing your sister. We talked about old times and Joan gave me Cherie’s contact information. When I was on the west coast I had dinner with Cherie.”

They discussed the possibility of working together again, but the results were inconclusive. “I don’t know how Joan feels about it,” Ford reports. “I couldn’t really get a solid answer from her.

“But I just wanted her to know that I’m here, and if she decides she wants to put together the Runaways again, I’d be in 100 percent.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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