Rock Guitarist Mark Durante Sues NBA Player, Kevin Durant Over ‘Durantula’ Nickname

Former Revolting Cocks guitarist Mark Durante has filed a federal lawsuit against Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant. The guitarist has filed the suit against the NBA player over rights to the nickname “Durantula,” which Mark Durante claims has been stolen and will mislead music fans looking to buy his recordings and merch.

There is a commonly used and old cliche that instantly comes to mind when learning about this story — “adding insult to injury.” Kevin Durant and the rest of the Thunder were defeated four games to one last night by the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Now in addition to the heartbreaking loss, which left Kevin Durant visibly crushed, the athlete now has a lawsuit to worry about.

“Due to a licensing and promotional campaign marketing which has flooded the marketplace with references to Kevin Durant as “Durantula,” begins the lawsuit documents, “defendants have nearly consumed Plaintiff Mark Durante’s valuable, hard-earned identity which he has been cultivating and developing for nearly two decades.”

According to TMZ, the musician claims to have written several cease and desist letters to the athlete’s representatives along with registering trademark rights for the “Durantula” name.

“I’m certainly not a rich old rock star that has plenty of money nothing to worry about,” Mark Durante tells the Chicago Tribune. “I have to support myself and my family.”

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