Doomtree ‘Beacon’ music vid // European fests in July

Doomtree’s official video for “Beacon” premiered on MTV2’s 120 Minutes in the States this past week.  The video is now available to view worldwide via the crew’s  YouTube channel.  “Beacon” shows a darker, more cerebral side of the collective, which hired director Bo Hakala to use a dual-camera technique to capture the frenetic, noir character of the song. Set in what seems to be a turn of the century factory, with wardrobe to match, this black and white video delivers rapid-fire visuals and camera angles that fit the dark, heavy beats like a blacksmith’s leather glove.

Take note of the 3-dimensional feel created by camera work that shifts backgrounds while characters stay in perfect focus and, yes, Doomtree does their own stunts in this one.  The video proves again that together the members of Doomtree create a style, a sound, and a look all their own; their work as a collective benefits from each of their individual styles and the effect amounts to more than the sum of its parts.  For a more in-depth look at what went into making this music video, head over to SPIN to check out the behind the scenes footage, which includes an interview with director Bo Hakala.


Doomtree Upcoming Tour Dates


Thu-Jul-12             Netherlands          Utrecht                  De Helling

Fri-Jul-13               Belgium                  Dour                       Dour Festival

Sat-Jul-14               Stuttgart Germany                Hip Hop Open – Reitstadion

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