Godsmack Cancel Remainder Of European TOur

Godsmack nixed of a few European dates due to frontman Sully Erna’s unidentified vocal troubles, but now the band has canceled the rest of the scheduled shows on their European trek.

Erna was expected to recover in time to return to the stage on June 28 for their gig in Wien, Austria, but when the singer was examined back in the United States by his doctors yesterday, they advised that he not sing for the next several weeks in order to allow enough time for his vocal cords to heal.

The current European tour marked the first time the band had toured Europe in almost nine years. Godsmack were only able to perform two of their fourteen scheduled dates in Europe.

On Godsmack’s website Erna released an apologetic statement to fans:

“Sorry Europe. Seems like we can’t catch a break there lately. London you were one of the best crowds we’ve played to in a very long time…. Belgium, you were awesome as well. As for the rest of you in Europe that we weren’t able to reach, I promise you we’ll be back!! For now it’s lots of rest and fluids for me until my vocal specialist clears me to sing again. My deepest apologies Europe! You’ll see us again. Thanks for your support and understanding.”

There is no word yet on how or if Erna’s vocal issues will affect Godsmack’s upcoming dates in North America for the 2012 Uproar Festival.


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