Get angry over Blythe travesty, fans told

Gwar frontman Oderus Urungus has called on rock fans to get outraged over Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe’s continued incarceration.

He’s now been in jail for a week in the Czech Republic even though $200,000 bail has been posted and new video evidence appears to make it clear he had no involvement in the death of fan Daniel Nosek.

Police arrested him when the band arrived in Prague to play a show, two years after Nosek died of a head injury. In that time no one discussed the incident with anyone connected with Lamb of God.

Manager Larry Mazer insists the first they heard of it was when law officers dragged Blythe to prison.

The frontman was in court again on Wednesday as his lawyers showed video clips from the Abaton venue in Prague in May 24, 2010. Nosek, who was 19, is seen apparently hitting his head after being prevented from invading the stage – but Blythe is nowhere near him at the time.

Prosecutors claim more time is needed to consider the evidence.

Gwar man Urungus says: “I love Europe and I fully support Euro metalheads. What I am concerned about is the lack of outrage – there should be shows, protests, and continual harassment of the authorities until Randy is free.”

“There should be a mob of metalheads outside the jail so when he gets out he can see with his own eyes that he has not been abandoned.

“Video of the incident shows it for what it truly was: a tragic accident. Fucking let him out already.”

Meanwhile, Blythe’s representatives say he’s asked to meet Nosek’s family when he’s finally released – which could take up to two more weeks due to Czech legal procedures.

He’s accused of “bodily harm of the fourth degree,” which carries a maximum sentence of ten years.

Court documents revealed by The Gauntlet say: “David R, Blythe was on 6/27/2012 charged with the severe crime of manslaughter under section 146, subsection 1 and subsection 2, which he could have committed on May 24, 2010 when he as the singer acting in the music club, after one of the listeners without permission climbed on the stage, pushed this observer in his chest. As a result of which this listener made a step back, stumbled over the guard rail, fell into the auditorium, hit his head on the floor and died a month later.”

Lamb of God have launched a fundraising page to help cover Blythe’s legal bills. They explain: “We have retained legal counsel and we’re flying over additional lawyers. The fees are adding up very quickly. One hundred percent of the money raised will go to the fees, and any remaining balance will be given to a charity of Randy’s choice upon his release.”

Guitarist Willie Adler is fronting a support vigil in the band’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia on Sunday. He says: “It’s a get-together for all who care to show support for our brother, and to voice our concerns over the travesty of justice that is currently unfolding.”

-Classic Rock magazine

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