L.A. Guns – Hollywood Forever

The first new studio album from L.A. Guns in 7 years finds the boys paying tribute to the city of their collective birth with a heavy slab of classic Guns-style sleeze rock. The last release from the Phil Lewis fronted ‘Guns (Tracii Guns left 10 years ago and tours with an altrnative line-up) was “Tales From The Strip” in 2005 but this newest effort is, perhaps, their best yet!

The new album draws on the group’s greatest strengths including the propulsive drumming of longtime member Steve Riley, the gigantic riffs of virtuoso guitarist Stacey Blades (appearing on his fourth studio release) and the solid grooves of bassist Scotty Griffin. Add into the mix one of rock music s most celebrated producers, Andy Johns, and this band is ready to once again conquer the Sunset Strip!

At times very reminiscent of a time when bandanas, cowboy boots and plenty of make-up ruled (and I don’t just mean last weeend for me!!) the LA Guns of 2012 still manage to bring their take on the Sunset Strip musical style of the late 80s bang up to date.

Lots of great tracks that simply entertain and don’t try to be “too cool for school” in their cleverness. “Venus Bomb” mixes Chuck Berry style riffs with the sleaze filled vocals of Lewis to just bring the party. “I Want Play” sounds like the soundtrack to a bourbon fuelled build up to the hangover from hell….and all the fun that was had getting there!

The real enjoyment came tome with repeated listens, where the reasons why L.A. Guns still do what they do without trying to turn themselves into the latest trend in rock. Retro but modern, this is certainly my favourite ‘Guns record. Go check it out.

For more information see: www.laguns.net

Review by David Wilson

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