Bach caught in GnR crossfire

Sebastian Bach has a hard time remaining friends with people on both sides of the Guns n’Roses split, he says.

And he’s frustrated that radio stations featuring his former band Skid Row on heavy rotation have failed to even mention his recent solo album.

Bach remains friends with GnR frontman Axl Rose and former bassist Duff McKagan. He’s recently worked with both.

But he found himself in a crossfire situation over the band’s induction into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, which Rose eventually decided not to attend.

Bach tells CleveScene: “I just played with Duff and Matt Sorum in a band called the Rock’n’Roll Allstars with Gene Simmons and Joe Elliott. I’m also friends with Axl, and I don’t want to piss off either side.

“When I stick up for Axl, Duff gets mad at me. When I stick up for Duff, Axl gets mad at me. It’s totally true.”

Discussing April’s ceremony Bach says: “It seems like Axl was getting railroaded into doing something he didn’t want to do. If you’re an artist, someone can’t tell you how to make your art.”

And he doesn’t believe his old band is likely to make it into the Rock Hall any time soon. “I don’t see how,” he says, “when Kiss and Rush aren’t in. I went to the Hall of Fame and I was pleased because they had a set of Skid Row drumsticks in the building. I was very excited, since they have four floors devoted to Laura Nyro.

“Once I got past the escalator it was all Laura Nyro and the Hollies. When you’re competing against Laura Nyro, you know you’re in hallowed halls.”

Bach is bewildered as to why his recent solo album Kicking And Screaming failed to get airplay from stations that constantly broadcast his earlier work.

He explains: “What frustrates me is a station like Hair Nation that plays Skid Row two or three times an hour – and that’s no exaggeration. That station is built on me so they fucking owe me.

“You built your fucking station on my high notes. Whose hair is it you’re talking about? Mine.

“The station that’s Skid Row on the hour every hour won’t play my new album. I don’t get it. Take my shit off your station!”

The singer recently lashed out after his Skid Row replacement Johnny Solinger had said a reunion would never happen, alleging the quotes had been made up.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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