Blythe bail challenged again

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe’s jail ordeal is set to continue after prosecutors issued a new objection to setting him free.

It’s believed his liberty will be decided at last at a hearing in Prague on Friday. If he’s not allowed to leave prison then, he’s likely to remain there until his trial – which may not begin for another six to twelve months.

Blythe has still not been charged in the manslaughter investigation connected with the death of fan Daniel Nosek after a concert in 2010. It’s alleged Blythe was responsible for a head injury he may have received during the show in the Czech Republic, which could have led to his death from a brain haemorrhage a month later.

The singer’s representatives posted $200,000 bail a few days after his arrest on June 27. Under Czech law that doesn’t lead to automatic release – legal challenges are allowed. That’s what happened, leading to a second hearing at which the challenges were thrown out, but bail was doubled to £400,000. The cycle was repeated, with prosecutors issuing the new protest.

A final decision is set to be made on Friday – a month since Blythe was arrested.

The Gauntlet reports: “At that point, the judge has five days to rule, and another five days for it to be written or published to the court. The judges ruling at this point will be final and unless charges are formally filed, Randy will be free to leave the Czech Republic without condition on bail.”

Sign the White House petition calling on US authorities to act over Randy Blythe’s detention without charge after having posted bail

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