London Council’s Wave Curfew For Olympics

London council bosses who forced Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney to stop playing mid-song in Hyde Park last week, allow pop-rock group Snow Patrol to play two and a half hours later into the night.

Fans were astonished after a moment hailed as “music history in the making” ground to a halt when promoters of the Hard Rock Calling cut the PA due to strict noise abatement rules.

Live Nation blamed the fact that, although there are few residents in the exclusive Park Lane and Mayfair area surrounding the park, they “wield inordinate power over Parliament”.

Now Westminster Council, responsible for both performance licences, say they’ll allow Snow Patrol to keep playing until 1am on Friday, supported by Duran Duran, Stereophonics and Paolo Nutini – and insists it’s a special case because it’s connected with the budget-busting Olympic Games.

Councillor Audrey Lewis tells the BBC: “The opening night of the Olympics is clearly an exceptional evening and the Hyde Park show it times to run around the opening ceremony.

“It is not a straightforward concert night at Hyde Park – it is clearly different from commercial shows that run throughout other parts of the year.”

The council also confirmed that Blur will also get a 1am curfew for their closing ceremony show.

Olympic bosses were slammed earlier this week after a young girl was told to cover up a Weapon t-shirt, despite being surrounded by armed soldiers wielding real guns.

Previously they became a laughing stock in rock circles after attempting to book dead Who drummer Keith Moon to appear at the £27m opening ceremony. They also called on professional musicians to perform free or charge, despite the fact every other artist involved with the event is being paid.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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