Billy Joe Joins US Version Of The Voice

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has joined up with the NBC reality talent show ‘The Voice.’ The TV singing competition will see a bit of a punk rock edge with Armstrong’s inclusion, but don’t expect the musician to grab a seat in one of those revolving chair things, as Armstrong will serve strictly as a mentor to Christina Aguilera’s team.

Armstrong recently released a statement declaring his fandom of ‘The Voice.’ “It’s not molding artists, it’s just giving them a little but of guidance and direction without giving them a complete makeover,” states Armstrong. The Green Day singer-guitarist also feels that this is why ‘The Voice’ has managed to win over so many viewers.

As for working with Aguilera, Armstrong calls the experience ” a lot of fun,” as he began taping for the show on Wednesday, July 25.

The added exposure for Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day is perfect timing for the Sept. 25 release of ‘¡Uno!’, the band’s first of three upcoming releases within four months. ‘¡Dos!’ and ‘¡Tre!’ are set to be released on Nov. 13 and Jan. 15, respectively.

The third season of ‘The Voice’, featuring Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, will kick off Sept. 10 on NBC.

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