Bruce Dickinson Flies WW-II Era Planes

It’s well documented that not only does Bruce Dickinson reach new heights on the stage with Iron Maiden, but he’s also found a solid second calling by becoming an avid pilot.
Over the last decade or so, Dickinson took a job flying with Astraeus Airlines and hosted a five-part miniseries about aviation. The musician also just launched his own aircraft maintenance company in Cardiff, Wales to keep him busy during time off the road.

The singer’s love for flight took him to another television appearance over the weekend, as Dickinson joined Buffalo Airwaves for History Television’s ‘Ice Pilots NWT’ series.

The Edmonton Journal sent along two of their reporters as Dickinson was given a chance to fly a number of Second World War-era planes, ranging from a DC-3 to a Yellowknife.

Reporter Fish Griwkowsky marveled at the surreal experience, tweeting, “Spectacular forests and lakes up here! About to land with my Spro-pilot … I don’t believe I ever sat in the pilot’s seat of a DC3 over Yellowknife beside the lead singer of Iron Maiden before.”

Fellow reporter Sandra Sperounes admitted it was rough flying, and joked, “Bruce gave me two barf bags for our next leg from Hay River to Yellowknife. ‘My record was 7 bags,’ he says.”

After landing in Hay River, the singer took the time to sign a few guitars before hopping back on board and continuing the journey into the rugged Northwest Territories area.

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