Tate’s ‘two Queensryches’ warning

Geoff Tate is continuing to block his former bandmates from accessing the Queensryche website and social media channels, they say.

And the singer’s representative argues that a court ruling allowing them to continue using the band name means he can do the same – raising the suggestion there could be two outfits operating under the title.

Founding members Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield sacked Tate last month. In a series of sensational court documents it was revealed Tate had signed a “secret” deal to make a movie based on Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime album and had threatened to “kill” Rockenfield, while the singer admitted he had struck some of his colleagues – but regretted the action.

The band played their first show with new singer Todd La Torre at the weekend. But they say they’ve been forced to launch a new website because Tate won’t give them access to their old one.

The singer argues that his legal attempt to stop them using the name, which was defeated at King County Superior Court, means that both parties are entitled to use it.

Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield say in a court filing reported by Blabbermouth: “Since the defeat of the injunction, Geoff Tate has continued to interfere with the defendants’ progress to tour under the Queensryche name. This includes refusal to relinquish control of Queensryche.com and other accounts, challenging the defendants from taking control of the registry of Queensryche.com, and announcing to the national press his ‘encouragements by the judge’ to your as his own Queensryche.

“Mr Tate has also announced his intention to release an album under the moniker ‘Voice of Queensryche,’ utilising a version of the Queensryche symbol. There is no authority allowing a minority shareholder to use these assets.”

But Tate’s A&R manager, Paul Gargano, says: “The injunction would not have just prevented the defendants from touring as Queensryche until the claim is settled. It would have prevented both parties. This is critical. The intention of the injunction was to protect the future value of Queensryche by eliminating the possibility of their being multiple versions of Queensryche.

“Not only did the judge deny in the injunction – she also urged and encouraged that there should be two Queensryche bands moving forward. Which is precisely what the injunction intended to avoid.”

The case is due to go to trial in November.

The La Torre fronted band played at the Halfway Jam in Minnesota over the weekend, delivering a 19-song setlist: Queen of the Reich, Speak, Neue Regel, Walk in the Shadows, En Force, I Don’t Believe in Love, Child of Fire, The Whisper, Warning, Spreading the Disease, The Needle Lies, Prophecy, Take Hold of the Flame, My Empty Room, Eyes of a Stranger, Empire, Wrathchild, Jet City Woman, Roads to Madness.

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