Great White Russell slams ex-bandmate Kendall for ‘fake concern’

Former Great White singer Jack Russell has lashed out at ex-bandmate Mark Kendall, saying the guitarist’s messages of goodwill are fake.

And he’s ordered Kendall to stop suggesting the frontman is still drinking.

Russell now fronts his own outfit, Jack Russell’s Great White, after health problems related to his alcohol addiction sidelined him in 2010. That led to his sacking from the band he co-founded in 1978 as Dante Fox.

He’s previously slated his former group as a whole – but now he’s turned his ire on Kendall, the man he started out with.

In an angry outburst on Facebook, Russell says: “In an interview he insinuates and/or alleges that I am not sober. Ordinarily I do not let such idiotic comments bother me – but at this point I have had enough. My AA sponsor will verify that I am sober. I will take my one-year cake and coin on August 10.”

He tells Kendall: “Worry about your own sobriety and quit taking pot shots at me while acting like a ‘concerned old friend.’

“Remember you never even called me once while I was in a coma for five days in hospital. To come off now like you are concerned about my welfare is insulting – you are not fooling anyone, certainly not me.

“I wish you would stop ‘wishing me nothing but the best’ after doing your best to throw me under the bus.

“I propose if we don’t have anything good to say about each other, let’s just not say anything at all.”

Great White released Elation, their first album with new singer Terry Ilous, earlier this year. Kendall said of Russell in a recent interview: “We’re a band. We’re not one person. He’s playing little clubs – it’s not really getting in our way. I’ve pretty much turned the page on it.”

-Classic Rock magazine

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