Metallica aren’t elder statesmen – Ulrich

Lars Ulrich says Metallica try to avoid acting like big shots backstage – although they may be guilty of having done so in the past.

The drummer insists he likes to avoid giving advice to younger bands, and reveals he still has his own star-struck moments when he meets heroes like Dave Grohl and Neil Young.

Ulrich tells The Owl: “We always try to go and hang out.

“We definitely had the days of hiding behind the big walls, and we may have been guilty doing some of that stuff in the 90s, but we really try to put ourselves out there.

“It’s more fun for us. It’s great to meet other people and immerse yourself in some of that energy.

“When I’m around Jack White or Dave Grohl or people like Neil Young, I’m like a fucking kid in the candy store myself. I went to see Muse and the Arctic Monkeys and the Black Keys – these are great experiences for me too.”

The thrash giants might be expected to be asked for hints and tips, but Ulrich says: “I give as little advice as possible, man. If somebody asks me I’ll try to answer just their sincere questions. But we don’t walk around like some sort of elder statesmen.”

Meanwhile, Mission to Lars film maker Kate Spicer has admitted she hoped Ulrich might turn out to be an “a’hole” because it could have made her movie more interesting.

The drummer has shown active support for the documentary which tells the story of Spicer’s learning-disabled brother Tom and his attempt to deal with his demons in order to finally meet his hero.

Reporting on a showing of the movie in Mexico City, which Ulrich attended, she says: “I thanked Lars for showing Tom the respect that so often learning-disabled people are not afforded.

“People asked him why he had done the film, and part of his answer was that perhaps because he’s a parent he is much more compassionate. I found it strangely touching, though it was not an unusual thing to say. He had three wristbands on – they were from a trampoline place he takes his kids.

“I said we had hoped, secretly, sometimes before we got to meet him, that Lars might turn out to be an a’hole, so that our film might have some Borat magic.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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