Muse Olympic track not just bluster

Muse drummer Dom Howard insists their official Olympic Games anthem Survival is more than just a gimmick and it wasn’t created to stand outside the rest of their work.

His comments come as the band confirmed they’ll appear at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 extravaganza on Sunday.

Howard tells NME: “It’s a proper Muse song. It’s not something we just did for the Olympics.

“They sowed a seed by asking us to do some music, but then five months went by. We showed them a few songs when they asked us about the closing ceremony, and they loved it.

“It represents the enormous competition of what the Olympics is.”

Details of the weekend’s event are being kept secret by organisers, although it’s known the theme will be 50 years of British music. Rumours are circulating that Kate Bush will appear after a new remixed version of her track Running Up That Hill appeared briefly on Amazon before being removed.

Music director David Arnold, who’s leading closed-door rehearsals in Dagenham, tells the Telegraph: “This should be the greatest after-party in the world. If the opening ceremony was the wedding, we’re the wedding reception. Hopefully it will wrap up the spirit of what these Games have been: slightly anarchic, mischievous, funny, heart-warming, emotional, inspiring and uniquely British.”

Muse release new album The 2nd Law in October. They’ve revealed at least one track is heavily influenced by dubstep music, which frontman Matt Bellamy says represents how “the moshpit has moved from guitars and gone towards the laptop.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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