Amid the furore surrounded Dave Mustaine‘s “Nazi America” comments – in which he accused US president Barack Obama of staging mass shooting incidents then refused to take back his words – several rock musicians have expressed their own thoughts on the Megadeth mainman’s rant. Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue says: “Mustaine is a fucking asshole. I can’t imaging how deep this cuts the victims’ families. He owes every family an apology, as well as our great country.”

Testament vocalist Chuck Billy says: “I think he must be back on drugs to even think what he is saying makes any sense. There is freedom of speech, then there’s just putting your foot in your mouth.”

Craig Locicero, guitarist with Forbidden, says: “These shootings are a possible catalyst to eradicate the right to bear arms in this country. It’s beautiful music to the ears for those who crave division amongst our citizens.

So while Dave supposedly shoved his feet into his mouth once again, I say he’s close to the truth. A lot closer then most people want to accept.”

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