Axl Sues Guitar Hero

Axl Rose’s attempt to sue video game maker Activision for fraud has been thrown out of a Los Angeles court.

The Guns n’Roses singer wanted $20m in damages, saying the Guitar Hero III game made use of songs he hadn’t licensed for that particular title, and also used guitarist Slash’s likeness when he’d ordered Activision not to.

The firm based their counter-argument on the fact it took Rose three years to file a complaint, but the singer says that was because “Activision offered me a separate video game and other proposals worth millions of dollars to resolve my claim.” He says an exclusive GnR game was planned to include nothing but the current lineup and music from their Chinese Democracy album.

The court blocked Rose’s fraud charge, but allowed his breach-of-contract claim, meaning a trial could take place next year. [Hollywood Reporter]

-Classic Rock Magazine


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