Doro Pesch: In a Past Life, Died in Prison

Doro Pesch saw her own death in prison in a past life regression – and it convinced her of the importance of doing good.

The veteran German rock artist didn’t believe she could be hypnotised and shown previous incarnations until she underwent the process, and came to believe she’s been on Earth before. Pesch tells Metal Shrine how she took part in a TV show and was amazed at the results, explaining: “It was with a lady from Switzerland and you could tell she knew her stuff. I didn’t know if it would work.

“You have your eyes closed – you’re in a trance but you can still talk. Suddenly I was in this past life as a woman in Hungary. Times were really tough. I saw myself on a horse, riding like crazy, trying to warn the famers of something, and there was a war going on.

“Then I went into another lifetime and I was a guy. I almost looked like Gerard Depardieu. It was 1648 in Dubrovnik – I’ve never been there. I was out with whores, drinking beer. It was unbelievable. I was married to a beautiful woman but she was boring.

“Then I went back and I actually saw myself dying in jail. I was sentenced to life. I’d been bad. I saw myself dying; I saw something like my soul come out through my head and form into a light, like a little sun or a comet. My whole conscious was in that thing. I looked down on my body and I was very sad.

“The lady said, ‘Okay, now you’ve got to come back,’ and she woke me up and said, ‘Tell me the first thought that comes to mind.’

“My first thought was, ‘You have to do good in life – that’s the most important thing.’ It’s very simple but it’s very important. Maybe that’s why now I’m a little girl, because I overdid it. I had too much fun and I didn’t care, so now I care.”

Pesch attributes some of her positive outlook to her upbringing and says her approach is: “I like to concentrate on the good, positive stuff and only see good in people or situations.

“I guess when you’re looking for something you can always find something. I’m really thankful for all the good shit.”



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