Queensryche betrayal ‘immense’ says Tate

Former Queensryche singer Geoff Tate insists his sacking “came out of the blue” and he hasn’t been able to come to terms with it.

The prog metal outfit dismissed their frontman in June and replaced him with Todd La Torre, kicking off a bitter legal battle that’s resulted in both parties claiming the right to use the band name. Tate’s former colleagues say the last straw came when he attacked them ahead of a show in Brazil, an act the singer doesn’t deny.

He tells That Metal Show in an episode to be broadcast tomorrow (August 25): “Oh, I did it. I don’t make any bones about it.”

But he explains of the split: “It came out of the blue for me. We’ve never had any kind of creative differences or any kind of a situation where we were at odds with each other.

“It just happened. It’s something I haven’t quite come to terms with yet – I’m kind of emotional about it still.

“We’re talking about 30 years of being brothers, people living together. All our decisions were made together, our children grew up together, we had camping trips and Fourth of July together.

“And for it to all just implode so quickly, it’s shocking. These are people that I loved, took care of. I nurtured all our relationships. I worked at a very intimate level creatively with these people.

“The betrayal is immense.”

Source: www.classicrockmgazine.com

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