Hess – “Living in Yesterday”

This is the new release by Harry Hess, for 17 years the lead vocalist with Harem Scarem. For those that don’t know Harem Scarem, the Canadian band were described by Rock Sugar’s Jess Harnell (in our 5 CDs Rock Sugar Can’t Live Without piece https://www.rock-zone.co.uk/2012/04/10/5-cds-actually-15-that-rock-sugar-cant-live-without/) as the band that should have been Bon Jovi.

“Living in Yesterday” contains 10 tracks of pretty much perfect melodic rock – reminders of the glorious 80s abound but this sounds like an album for now, not one that is living in the past. This is despite the musicians featuring on the album include his former bandmates Pete Lesperance, Creighton Doane and Darren Smith, Tommy Denander, Marcie Free, Howie Simon and Magnus Karlsson among others.

Superb slices of heart felt rock ballads such as “It’s Over” blend with more uptempo tracks like “Don’t Leave Me” all go to prove that, once again, if the CD is released by Frontiers you can pretty much be guaranteed that what you will receive is melodic rock (in many different guises) that will be the finest in the world today.
“Living In Yesterday” is a superb slice of Melodic Rock which features a monster vocal performance from Harry, fabulous songwriting and a crisp production. Oh yes, in case you’re wondering…Jess Harnell was spot on – I bet a certain Mr Bongiovi wishes he could still craft 10 songs of this quality for one album?



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