Million $ Reload – “A Sinner’s Saint”

Wow! What an album. Singalong anthems, riffs and hooks aplenty that grab hold and shake you until you can’t help but move and groove along. Most surprising of all? The fact that, based on this second release, these guys aren’t already the biggest names on the scene.

Track after track puts paid to the standard album problem of a couple of great tunes surrounded by a few fillers – not with “A Sinner’s Saint”. Giving full reign to their musical styles and influences, Million $ Dollar Reload easily shift from foot stomping and foundation shaking tunes to the more soft side – “Broken” is certainly on this old softy’s list of top rock ballads.

Opener “Fight the System” bites hard – perhaps a little autobiographical reflection on the travails experienced with their first album? Throughout the 11 tracks on offer, Million $ Reload reveal everything that rock n roll should be – passion, love, heartache and, most of all, FUN – something that can be seen by the bands that have chosen the boys to support them over the last year or so (including The Quireboys and The Darkness).

“Smoke N Mirrors” is my own favourite of the rockers – blending grooving rhythm, great vocals and a great little solo that clearly follows the “less is more” principle – I love flash but there are times when just because you can doesn’t mean you should, and this is just right.

The hints of the guys influences are there to hear whilst never over-powering their own sound. Every part of their sound  seems to reflect all of those that every band that has been the darling of the Sunset Strip – heavy Hollywood nights and all that being a native of the sleazier side of LA can offer. Perhaps, then, it will come as ashock to hear that these guys hail from…..Northern Ireland! With their new, worldwide deal with Frontiers, purveyors of all things fine in rock, perhaps we will finally start to see Million $ Reload fulfill the promise that they so clearly possess.

Two things you must do in the next year:

1) Buy this record – you will not be disappointed and these boys deserve all of our support!

2) Catch a Million $ Reload live show – “A Sinner’s Saint” has propelled these Northen Irish boys right to the top of my must see list!!


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Review by David Wilson

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