Rammstein blamed for school shooting

Rammstein are being blamed for a school shooting incident in the US after media discovered a quote from frontman Till Lindemann on the gunman’s Facebook page.

Perry Hall High student Bobby Gladden, 15, of Baltimore, Maryland, is under arrest for attempted murder after launching an armed assault on a 17-year-old schoolmate on the first day of the new term.

Gladden describes himself as a “metalhead” – but the New York Daily News branded him “a misfit obsessed with Rammstein” after looking at his social media presence.

Ahead of the attack he’d written: “First day of school, last day of my life. Fuck the world.” His favourite quotes section included a reference to Lindemann: “Love is like a flower – even the most beautiful kind dies.”

The Daily News picked up on Gladden’s mention of the Manson Family, but ignored a reference to McDonalds and lesser-known metal outfit Beneath The Sky. He’d joined Facebook on July 30.

The student has been charged as an adult, and is being held by police in Baltimore without bail.

Witnesses say he was prevented from firing more than two rounds by guidance counsellor Jesse Wasmer, who overcame him and kept him held down until officers arrived.

A Facebook page dedicated to thanking Mr Wasmer has accrued more than 17,000 followers.

The teenage victim is said to be “critical” in hospital. County Executive Kivin Kamenetz reports: “It was a random act of shooting. It’s a difficult world we live in today. I kind of hoped Baltimore County would be immune, from this type of activity – but apparently we are not.”

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