Rock bassist injured in attempt to halt carjack

A rock bassist required pins placed in his leg after attempting to halt a carjack in Linden, New Jersey, last week.
Lou Panico of the band Socratic went to the aid of a driver whose vehicle was being stolen in the car park of a guitar store.

Despite his efforts to prevent the crime, the thief succeeded in gaining control of the car, and drove over Panico during his escape.

The bassist is recovering from surgery in which four pins and a rod were inserted into his left leg. Doctors expect a full recovery.

But Panico insists he won’t miss the band’s upcoming New York shows, which kick off on September 15.

He tells The 1st Five: “I don’t care if I have to be on a gurney throughout the entire set – I’ll be there.

“Worst things have happened to us. We always persevere.”

Socratic formed in 1999 and are best known for 2008 album Spread The Rumors, produced by Mark Hoppus of Blink 182. They’ve just re-released 2005 debut Lunch For the Sky.

The US Department of Justice estimates that over 50,000 carjacking incidents occur every year, of which around half are successful. The aggravated theft of a motor vehicle is a federal offence.

Bureau of Justice Statistics figures suggest that victims are more likely to be male than female, black than white and under 35 than over 35. Most attackers are likely to be armed, with over 60% of successful carjacks carried out by criminals carrying guns.

In most crimes the victims escape without injury, with less than 4% sustaining serious wounds like those of Panico.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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