CD REVIEW: Fozzy: Sin & Bones

Fozzy- Sin & Bones
CD Review

By Sue

When I was given this CD to review I was thrilled. Having been a huge follower and supporter of Fozzy since WAAAAY too many years ago, each new release holds more excitement for me than the last. They never fail to deliver and they never fail to impress! It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to be there from their very first UK  tour (With Wrestle-Zone) and watch them just get bigger and better with each new CD! Sin & Bones is the bands 5th CD (hard to believe they ever started out as a covers band when you hear the songs on this one; and they leave Jericho’s alter-ego, Moongoose McQueen, standing in the dirt!) and the first on their new label Century Media.

The first single release, Sandpaper, features a guest appearance from Avenged Sevenfold’s M Shadows and is classic hard metal with the Fozzy twist that fans will all recognise and love.
As soon as I heard the album I couldn’t fail to notice that the band once again has stepped it up, grown and developed their sound. This CD is a little more accessible to rock fans and although darker in places, has a more rounded appeal to it rather than the hard core metal fans the previous CDs catered for.
Some of my favourite tracks include the slightly slower, ‘Inside My Head’ and ‘A Passed Life’ which has a beautiful melodic sound to it coupled with Rich Ward’s immense guitar riffs and a softened down vocal treat from Chris Jericho. The CD also ends with another epic, long finale; (much like the previous release ‘Chasing The Grail’ ended with ‘Wormwood’) this outing is titled ‘Storm The Beaches’ and has EVERYTHING you could look for in a rock/metal track;  from piano’s, touching lyrics, grinding guitars and belting drums from Frank Fontsere it will make you bang your head for over 11 minutes (good luck with that one by the way!)

Fozzy are no longer just ‘that band with the wrestler as a singer‘. They have proved themselves over and over again and Sin & Bones is another bloody fantastic release. Overall I think this is for certain the bands’ best CD to date and one I would definitly reccomend should be in your collection.


1. Spider In My Mouth (4:47)
2. Sandpaper (3:12)
3. Blood Happens (4:07)
4. Inside My Head (4:02)
5. Sin And Bones (3:36)
6. A Passed Life (6:55)
7. She’s My Addiction (3:22)
8. Shine Forever (5:45)
9. Dark Passenger (4:23)
10. Storm The Beaches (11:34)

Catch Fozzy on tour:

FOZZY on tour with SOiL and Breed 77

27.11.2012 (UK) Stoke – The Underground

28.11.2012 (UK) Manchester – Moho Live

29.11.2012 (UK) Birmingham – Academy 2

30.11.2012 (UK) Glasgow – The Arches

01.12.2012 (UK) Leeds – Cockpit

02.12.2012 (UK) Hafan Y Mor (Wales) – Hard Rock Hell Festival

04.12.2012 (UK) Plymouth – White Rabbit


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