I slammed Soundgarden because Cornell slammed me

Billy Corgan admits there was a “backstory” to his slating of Soundgarden’s reunion, explaining he slammed the band because singer Chris Cornell had once slammed him – and taking a potshot at Cornell’s 2009 solo album produced by rapper Timbaland.

The Smashing Pumpkins mainman recently accused Soundgarden of just wanting “one more round at the till,” adding that they were only interested in playing their old songs. He didn’t take into account they’d recorded a new album, King Animal, due out on November 13.

Now Corgan tells Channel 93.3 Radio (via Blabbermouth): “There’s a little bit of a backstory there.

“Chris Cornell was somebody I considered a friend and would never have said a harsh word about. But when we came back in 2007, he was quoted in an interview saying he didn’t consider our reunion to be ‘legitimate’. I kind of have an elephant’s memory when it comes to somebody punching me in the face.

“Cornell is extremely talented. I was a fan from their second EP and I still believe in what was great about the band. But when we’re sitting having conversations about who’s doing what, I’m no longer going to shield somebody. If they want to punch me in the face I’m happy to punch them back.”

Referring to Cornell’s 2009 release, Scream, he says: “I respect the man’s talent. People gloss over the Timbaland album, you know what I mean?”

Followers of Corgan’s Twitter account flagged Soundgarden’s new album to him after he’d made his comments, to which he says: “That’s what they should be doing. They’re great musicians and they should make new music. Hopefully they’ll make great albums in this day and age of robots and posers.”

He insists he’s still a fan of the band and adds: “I want all of my generation to raise the bar.” But he continues: “I don’t appreciate it when somebody from my generation, who I once considered a friend, decides to piss on my little spot in the corner, right around the same time he’s making a Timbaland album. That’s where it gets kind of dicey for me.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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