Kid Coverdale’s guitar struggle

David Coverdale struggled with learning to play his first guitar – because no one had told him he needed to tune it.

The Whitesnake mainman has recalled his early days in an interview conducted by his young granddaughter, Georgina, for her school.

In the video chat Coverdale explains: “I always wanted to play the guitar. We didn’t have a lot of money so the first guitar I got was a cheap plastic one with a picture of Elvis Presley on.

“I would play and practice so hard but it sounded awful all the time – because nobody told me that you had to tune it. I would play all of these chords and go, ‘What’s wrong? It sounds awful!’”

The signer remembers his first ever public performance as a four-year-old on his first day at kindergarten. “I would sing all the time to express myself,” he says. “All my mother’s family were really good singers and people would remark on what I good voice I had.

“My first day at school they stood me on the desk in front of the class, and I was really nervous. I sang all the words to the songs in the top ten at the time. So music was important to me from the very beginning.”

Coverdale tells Georgina that 2011 album Forevermore is his favourite work. He comments: “I think it’s a very complete Whitesnake album. It embraces all the elements of the earlier blues-based Whitesnake to the flamboyant, fast and exciting. I think Doug and I wrote some of our best songs for that record. I’m very happy with it.”

He ends the interview by performing a duet with his granddaughter, after explaining his happiest moments are when he’s surrounded by his family.



-Classic Rock Magazine

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