Vince Neil plays on with broken foot

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil has vowed the show will go on despite breaking his left foot onstage.

He says he sustained two fractures after an accident while performing in Cleveland, Ohio, during his band’s US tour with Kiss. Full details of how the injury occurred have not been revealed.

He’s thanked fans for understanding the interruption to Crue’s performance, and apologised in advance to fans attending upcoming shows, who won’t get the full Vince Neil performance they’ll have been hoping for.

Just after the incident he tweeted: “Paramedics think I broke my foot. I hope not. Getting X-ray tomorrow in Toronto.”

After travelling to the next tour stop, he added: “Yeah, it’s broke. Two fractured bones, but the show must go on.”

The frontman, recently involved in an altercation over his Rolls-Royce in a valet car park, posted a photo of himself in crutches with his foot in a cast. Bandmate Nikki Sixx confirmed: “Yes, we are playing the rest of the tour even though Vince has two broken bones in his foot. He is a trooper.”

The double-header roadshow, known simply as The Tour, started in July and runs until the end of next week.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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