Fozzy Joined By M Shadows

Fozzy treated Los Angeles fans to a show at the Roxy last night (Sept. 27). Right before the band began to play the single ‘Sandpaper’ from their latest album, ‘Sin & Bones,’ the crowd was surprised by Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows, as he took the stage with Fozzy to perform guest vocals (watch below).

Before jumping onstage with the band, M. Shadows was recruited to the studio by Fozzy to be featured on ‘Sandpaper’ as they were recording ‘Sin & Bones.’ With the help of M. Shadows, Fozzy’s ‘Sandpaper’ went undefeated in our Cage Matches, earning a retirement to the Cage Match Hall of Fame.

There is also a ‘Evil Dead’-inspired music video for ‘Sandpaper,’ that features a cameo from M. Shadows, but it has yet to be released. Chris Jericho told us about the upcoming ‘Sandpaper’ video during our recent interview with the singer. “It kind of started from that and then we said, ‘What if we do a whole Evil Dead-type homage?’ And then we found this bad-ass cabin in the woods in Atlanta, and just everything kind of fell together from there. We found, right by the cabin, there was a civil war burial ground, and there was this creepy bridge that was near it, and the cabin couldn’t have been more perfect for what we were looking for.”

Jericho continues, “We just filmed M. Shadows’ stuff too, so he’s going to be in the video. So I think it’s going to be something no one else has seen before. It’s very, very cool and it’s just what we wanted.”

The A7X fan site Deathbat News also reports that Chris Jericho and M. Shadows got matching Jack-O-Lantern tattoos, as pictured below the footage of the show.

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