Wolfsbane’s October UK Tour Update / ‘The Lost Tapes’ Album News

Wolfsbane were originally founded on the notion that kick-ass music and good drunken times are our best defence against life’s shittiness and, 17 years after their split, the band’s credo has not altered one jot. In fact, ‘Wolfsbane Save The World’ may be their finest album to date. Blistering performances from all concerned, and a revitalised Blaze Bayley in particular, ensure that this is a thrilling ride from start to finish. But it’s the sheer, life affirming quality of these songs that seals the deal: from the serotonin of the opening ‘Blue Sky’, the priapic pummel of ‘Teacher’ and ‘Starlight’’s sublime muscular balladry through to the scything hooks and rambunctious spirit of ‘Live Before I Die’, the mad-eyed Meatloaf-punk of ‘Illusion Of Love’ and the sardonic grind’n’swagger of ‘Did It For The Money’, this is both exactly what the metal doctor ordered for these grey days and one of the finest and most joyous British rock albums in recent memory. Holy Shitting Christ, how we’ve missed them! 9/10.”

(Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer, February 2012).


The reunited original line up of mighty British Heavy Metal band Wolfsbane, who reformed in 2011 to record their first studio album for 17 years, ‘Wolfsbane Save The World’, released in January 2012 to huge acclaim, have added 2 more dates to their previously announced October UK tour at Winchester’s Railway Club on October 22nd and Derby’s The Flowerpot on October 28th. The full itinerary is now:-


Weds. Oct. 17th – The Musician, LEICESTER www.themusicianpub.co.uk

Thurs. Oct. 18th – Bootleggers, KENDAL www.bootleggersbar.com

Fri. Oct. 19th – Eric’s, LIVERPOOL  www.ericslive.com

Sat. Oct. 20th – The Attic, RUSHDEN www.theatticlive.co.uk

Sun. Oct. 21st – The Corporation, SHEFFIELD www.corporation.org.uk

Mon 22nd Oct – The Railway Club, WINCHESTER www.railwaylive.co.uk (NEW!)

Weds. Oct. 24th – Fibbers, YORK www.fibbers.co.uk

Thurs. 25th – The Garage, LONDON www.thegarage.co.uk

Fri. Oct. 26th – The Cathouse, GLASGOW www.cathouse.co.uk

Sat. Oct 27th – Robin Hood 2, BILSTON www.therobin.co.uk

Sun. Oct. 28th – The Flowerpot, DERBY www.the-flowerpot-pub.co.uk/live-bands (NEW!)


A very special, limited edition CD, ‘The Lost Tapes (A Secret History)’, the only live studio recording of Wolfsbane ever made, will be exclusively available on the tour. Recorded in 1993, ‘The Lost Tapes (A Secret History)’ contains an early, visceral version of Wolfsbane’s entire eponymous third album, PLUS all the extra tracks put down at the time, and two cover versions – ‘For You’ and ‘Born To Run’ – which were taped during the ‘Massive Noise EP’ sessions.


Wolfsbane who were formed in 1984 and signed to Rick Rubin’s Def Jam label in 1989, had just recorded their ‘Massive Noise Injection’ live album at a tumultuous sold out London Marquee gig in February 1993, when they went into the studio to record some covers to go on the ‘Massive Noise’ EP. With their daring third studio album written and ready to record, the band were really fired up, let alone ‘as sharp as a knife’ in the wake of constant touring and following intensive live rehearsals for the Marquee show. Once they had the 2 covers in the bag, producer Simon Efemy suggested that they ‘throw up some mic’s’ and record what was to become the band’s third album in its entirety. So they geared up and stormed through the set in a way that became legend.


The subsequent album recording sessions went well enough but the band never captured that spirit in the way they set out to, and then Blaze was whisked away in the night to join Iron Maiden, before the group had finished mixing the album. Following the release of ‘Wolfsbane’in 1994 the band imploded and it wasn’t till later that they realized the recording from that special night had been lost. No one had a copy. It was gone, just a memory.


Fast forward 18 years to 2011, and following Wolfsbane’s reformation, guitarist / producer Jase Edwards recalls; ‘We’re looking through stuff in the loft de-cluttering and the pile of tapes in the corner hoves into view. All the unmarked ones are set to one side and a tape player is dug up (a what??? say all the young people) I listen through and see what they are. I can hardly believe my ears when third in, I hear what can only be our lost recording! I instantly stop the tape in shock!! Could it be!! Am I mistaking it for something less finished from the rehearsal room? But it sounds too good to be the rehearsal room?! The snare had that trademark crack to it that could only come from the hands of Simon Efemey… It’s clear, too good for a rehearsal… I restart the tape and listen through….. Yes, we’ve found it! The whole album and the extra tracks; WE FOUND IT!! So… Bearing in mind it’s from a cassette I set about mastering it and getting it ready for release!’


‘The Lost Tapes (A Secret History)’ will only be for sale in hard copy at the merchandise desk on the band’s October tour, and once it’s gone it’s gone. Jase states that ‘It’s a very special moment in Wolfsbane’s history. It’s thrilling to have found it again and it sounds even better than we remembered it!!! So come on down and grab yourself a piece of thrilling history”.


Lost! –Roland Hyams – roland@workhardpr.com / 020 8677 8466 / 07768 156392.



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